Elements Collaboration-Insta Make Up Friends

Heyyyyy 🙂

This post is a little different to the review style posts I usually do because this is going to tell you all about the wonderful collaboration I’ve been doing with the gorgeous Instagram beauty addicts I’m in touch with!

We were all chosen by commenting on the post of a lovely YouTuber called Janice (AKA Beauty Mumma) and then brought together through a group message. We could choose from Earth, air, fire or water. I was a bit late to the party and not much was left but I was quite happy to take 🌏 Earth 🌏.

These are the brilliant creations by the other collaborators!

The sheer volume of shades, carefully placed and planned glitter and gems is just outstanding and I feel blessed to have worked with such talented ladies!

Below is the element collaboration I’m included in:

The instagram names of all the contributors are on the pictures and I highly urge you to check out their brilliant work! 🙂

K x

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