NYX Eyebrow Gel and Duo Brow Brush

Eyebrows! Is there anything more upsetting or frustrating when you’re doing your make up? This is the one area of beauty that can either make or break your look!

I have horrid eyebrows although everyone who’s ever waxed them says they’re nice. Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t know what to do with them! That brings me to my next bit of business – NYX eyebrow gel.

This was the bargain price of £6.50 from Boots in Hull. There was an ample range of shades to choose from and the testers helped me to make my decision. I almost bought a darker one as I felt the swatch of this shade was too warm but you’ll see later how it is a brilliant match for my eyebrows currently.

I also purchased a Duo brow brush to make sure my eyebrow game was on point! (Excuse the crude photography, I’m on a train!)

As you can see we have a spoolie on one side and a firm angled brush on the other, making it ideal for use with pomades, waxes and gels. At £9, it’s a reasonable price and I know I can get cheaper brushes but they don’t last and eventually you end up with mammoth brows. Now the moment of truth… my crappy eyebrows before!

I guess they’re not bad but I can never get them to look even half decent! I know they are meant to be sisters and not twins but mine are more like cousins!

So I started by applying the gel to the back of my hand in order to use is as a sort of palette. I took the spoolie and brushes through my brows to ensure uniformity before beginning to apply gel to the outer part of my eyebrow. I followed the instructions very carefully.

I always work outwards in because I feel it’s easier to get the instabrow fade at the end. I was relatively pleased with the finished result and I feel that with further practice, I’ll master the technique needed to get the insta style fade. After application, I always use the spoolie again to comb through once more.

The next pictures are completed eyebrows. Picture 1 is before carving out with concealer and pictures 2 and 3 are after that.

My overall judgement? It’s pretty good and worth the £6.50 paid. The only thing that I feel that remains to be seen is the longevity of wear. The brush itself is lovely! It feels of a very high quality and I would say, again, time will tell how it holds out! 🙂

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