Models Own Full Moon Eye Palette

Hands up if you’ve heard of Models Own! πŸ™Œ I had obviously heard of them before this blog but only for the nail polishes they made! One day, I was trekking around TK Maxx when I came across a selection of Models Own Palettes. In all honesty, I wasn’t enamoured with the packaging so I’m glad I looked inside each palette to inspect the colour range or the chances are I would never have bought this!

The palette design is simple and inside are a lovely array of bright and neon colours! I’ve swatched the colours both with and without the flash so you can see them in natural and artificial lighting. You’ll see that the pigmentation differs between shades in the swatches.

Palette without flash

Swatches without flash

There are 10 shades, each carefully chosen for their brightness. It’s tricky to match colours together that will blend really well but it’s a palette perfect for festivals and abstract looks with a unique, vivid vibe!

Palette with flash

Swatches with flash

For the look I created, I decided to choose the bright blue and pink colours! I prepped my eyelid with Revolution Pro Concealer before applying the blue colour to my inner V and into the crease. The bright colours are not easy to blend so I didn’t bother haha! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

Then I took the pink shade onto the outer V using a small, dense packing brush and again, used this dry. As you’ll see, the colours are so vibrant! Imagine if they were used wet! πŸ™‚ After this, I applied the two colours to my lower lash line using a smudging brush! Have a look πŸ‘€

Soooo pretty!

To evaluate, I’d say for the Β£5.99 price point, it’s pretty good! It certainly made me reconsider my opinions of Models Own and I’m now more inclined to buy the brand again. I hope you like the look!

K x

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