SophDoesNail x Revolution Beauty – Extra Spice Palette πŸ”₯

Hey friends!

This is my second blog post based on a Revolution Beauty collaboration!

The Extra Spice palette is Soph’s second eyeshadow collab with Revolution Beauty, building on the massive success of the first one. When the first Soph palette came out, I could not get hold of it, even online. It was the MUST HAVE item of that time. Even now, it’s one of my go to palettes because it’s clear that Soph has thought everything through very thoroughly so the shades compliment each other very nicely.

Now onto the new Extra Spice Palette. Here, have a look!

That shadow is my phone case btw πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

The rose gold packaging is on trend and brings a level of sophistication to the product. I thought I loved the original Soph packaging but it’s cheap and tacky compared to this! My obsession with keeping this palette smudge proof is the only negative I can think of, at this point but that’s no ones fault except mine!

Let’s have a look at the shade range πŸ™‚

Picture 1: without flash

Picture 2: with flash

One of the excellent things is the printed on shade names! As I mentioned in a previous post, it makes it easier to reference shades you used for looks. Initial impression? I felt like I had seen half of these shades in the first palette and some in Carmi’s such as the red and orange. A simple swatch comparison proved me completely wrong!

I cannot stress enough how brilliant the metallic and shimmer shades are. The pigmentation is superb and they are blindingly beautiful!

I swatched the first row of colours πŸ™‚ let’s have a look!

There are some stunning neutral tones and honestly, Cookie Dough has become my new, go to transition shade as it’s so blendable and soft.

Being the forgetful person I am, I forgot to take a picture of a summery look I created with this palette the other night- I do have a Boomerang of it though so I shall insert it below.

For this look, I used the shades: Vitamin C, Sweet and Sour, Twenty One and Mulled Wine. I used a tiny bit of LA Sun in my inner corners.

So my overall πŸ’­? This is not the most unique palette I have ever seen however the well considered range of shades, the perfect mix of shimmers and mattes and an appreciation of current trends mean that this palette is winning! It’s an excellent travel palette, as I’ve had to travel a lot recently and you can create an abundance of looks with it. I highly suggest going onto YouTube and finding Extra Spice Tutorials. There are LOADS of unique looks for you to try and recreate and at Β£10 for the palette, you can have fun experimenting yourself without worrying about the product cost!

K x

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