Revolution Pro Restoration Palette

This morning I did a live on my Beauty insta- check out @kat_on_beauty to have a look at me embarrassing myself 😂

So first of all, what on Earth is Revolution Pro?

This brand new development from Revolution Beauty is set to replace the Freedom make up brand! Adam and his extraordinary team have developed new products galore; from lip pigments to foundation, they’ve rethought everything and the range of shades is better than it has ever been.

This has all come from feedback from MUR product users – Revolution Pro have taken all the advice and comments and created something truly wonderful.

How is Restoration different to the many palettes from MUR?

Well, design wise, the similar simplistic rectangular shape remains BUT shade names are imprinted onto the palette, making it easier for bloggers and vloggers to accurately make reference to the products they have used. Personally, I found this formula to be smoother, easier to blend and the quality seems generally higher. There appears to be a little more fallout than normal MUR palettes but I think this is fine considering the increased quality. 18 shadows for £8 is an absolute bargain in anyone’s book!

More about Restoration

Well beauty lovers, there are lots of selling points to this! Firstly, this is a near perfect dupe for the ABH modern renaissance palette! If you check out my live, I make some direct comparisons. (If you do check out my live, I apologise in advance- total noob here ha ha 😂)

There are certainly more matte than shimmer shades in here which, in my opinion, makes it much easier to work with! The shimmers are absolutely gorgeous though.

I haven’t managed to get a good picture all day and my once perfect brows have melted off by the time I’ve taken the picture above but this subtle, daytime look incorporated orange, brown and red matte shades and a lovely ecru shimmer which I’ll outline below.

Final thoughts

Is this any different to MUR? Yes!

But is it a “must buy?” Ermmmm… yes, obviously!

Is this brand changing the make up game? From what I can see RN, absolutely!

I really hope you get a chance to experience some of the products for yourself. They really are incredible value for money and superb quality. I’ve included some swatches of their Pro Supreme Lip Pigments below, which I will be reviewing soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed testing these products!

K x

P.S. this is in no way sponsored by Revolution Make up. I just ❤️ what they do!

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