Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara

It was before Christmas and I decided that I really deserve the treat So I walked into debenhams in Hull and from the corner of my eye I spotted the tiniest to Too Faced make up stand . There wasn’t much choice – could either have the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara or the peaches and cream palette. In all the honesty, I should have got the palette but I’ll walk you through the features anyway….

*Uses teacher voice* “I’m not angry Too Faced, I’m just disappointed.”

The first interesting thing is that this mascara happens to be beautifully presented and so it should be for the £19 price point . It really does look the part and the actual mascara tube is extremely heavy when compared to a normal High Street mascara but don’t let this fool you .

On the front of the packaging there are many claims about it’s effectiveness; however, for me personally, I have High Street mascaras that perform better than this tenfold.

Having watched lots of YouTube videos and having read reviews about this mascara online, it seems to a little bit like Marmite . Some women absolutely love it and some people absolutely hate it . Unfortunately I belong to the latter team my eyelashes are not the longest anyway nor do they curl particularly well but for £19 I would expect a little more lift than this mascara provides.

If I had only spend 8 or 9 pounds on on this mascara, I perhaps wouldn’t have had the high expectations that I had.

One of my upcoming posts is about the Maybelline lash sensational mascara . I don’t want to give the game away but that blog post will be a worthy read and I promise you it’s a little bit kinder your purse too!

Feels good to be back 🙂 more content following soon!

K x

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