The Ordinary Coverage Foundation… Is it too good to be true?

Hmmm… I don’t like to be indecisive but as I write, answering the above seems to be a little difficult and here’s why. 

The Ordinary do a superb range of skincare products at incredible prices! The price is what attracted me to try this. £5.95 is a great price for any foundation. 

The packaging is lovely as well. It advertises itself as high coverage which is what I absolutely love in any foundation. To ensure I got the best out the foundation, I applied half a face with an expert face brush and the other side with a beauty blender. Below is an image of me before foundation so we can gauge the impact. 

Haha attractive! The foundation comes with a pump which a little birdie tells me fits the Estee Lauder Double Wear bottle. It dispenses just the right amount of product, so you can be sure not to waste any. As you can see from the above picture, I’ve used an illuminator before hand but I feel it is important to state that it is not a primer! My pores look small on the above too which will certainly help with the application.

 So the above is the finished product. As you can see, my skin looks lovely and smooth. There are plenty of positives but also some bones of contention. For instance, this is not as ‘full coverage’ As I would like. It hasn’t covered the mole fully which is my marker of a foundation. It has oxidized only slightly. The really big downer for me is how it’s clung to the fine lines near my mouth. I’m always complimented on how I look younger than I am so these lines just won’t do!

Some of the redeeming features include the lovely matte finish of the product, a range of shades which take the undertones of your skin into account. If you want a medium/high coverage foundation, this is a good budget choice. Will it become a staple of my main collection? Probably not but as an everyday product, it holds up well. 

Kat x

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