Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance 

Receiving this was genuinely the best way to begin 2018! I had ordered it on 28th December when I was unwell and unable to go to the sales out of my Christmas money!  (Thanks Grandad 😍😁)

I don’t think I need to express what a highly regarded and classic palette this is, because it’s do popular that retail outlets limit sales to 1 or 2 per customer! My review now will look at colour payoff, versatility and staying power. I’ll also include some looks. 

 Oh my days! This has changed my life 😍😍 The colours are ALL well pigmented and the colour payoff on lid is beautiful. The best thing is how smoothly all the colours blend into one another. One would imagine that the shimmer colours may not be as vibrant as the matte but I completely beg to differ! They’re just stunning and I used one as an inner eye highlight too saving me going into my highlight palette! 

They work out at £3.07 per pan. I don’t know about you but I would and have paid that for quality individual shadows so I think the £43 price point is respectable. I am a HUGE drugstore fan but I implore you, if you seriously like make up, to invest in this! You won’t be sorry. 

Kat x 

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