Essence Cosmetics Nail Products 

Guten Tag Readers! 

This post is on the topic of nails 💅 and honestly, are nails just the best thing ever? Sometimes all it takes is a lick of polish and your outfit or make up has been made. I would love to be one of those people who is able to do fancy nail designs but I’m not unfortunately. I am however going to review the Essence Cosmetics Nail Products. This was meant to be a make up haul but the store I visited was limited on base products so I have decided to leave it until all products are available and in stock. 

From the photo below, there were 3 essence shades that I bought and used together. The Nails Inc ones were bought previously and came from the pound shop, believe it or not! 

I created a nail look with it which I’ll post below but first, let me walk you through the shades. 

L-R except Nails Inc:

  • Out of Space Stories – an iridescent top coat giving everything a lilac and silver duochrome feel. Absolutely stunning and fast drying to boot. £2 from Wilkinson.
  • Pink Glitter Gel Polish – I bought this as a top coat and assumed the level of glitter would be negligible. I mean, it only cost me £1.60. OMD though, was I wrong! Super glittery and looks lovely on its own giving nails a pink, glittery tinge. 
  • Fuchsia- A super glossy pink/purple colour which is easy to apply.
  • Turquoise – Also super glossy and extremely vibrant! 

All of the shades dry pretty quickly and I was able to create this basic nail look in no time at all. 

See how well the colours go together? I was very impressed to get 4 polishes for under £10!

I feel that these are an undiscovered gem and I am SO excited to see what the cosmetics are like if the polishes perform this well. I’ll post again to update you on the longevity of the product. 

You can find these and a wide range of colours at Wilkinson stores in the UK. 
Finally, before I sing off, I thought I’d share my nail collection pictures with you all. Which shades do you like best? 

Kat xx 

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