Elf Cosmetics Liquid Eyeshadow – Copper

Hallo, Guten Tag and Hiya! 

First of all, before I continue with the blog post I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your support and visits to my blog. The stats show that my posts are getting lots of love. I would really like to communicate more with you guys so pleaaaassssee leave some comments for me! I always reply 🙂

So today’s post is based on the liquid eyeshadow from ELF cosmetics. I attempted to create a half cut crease. Not sure that’s what I actually got but hey, I liked the final look anyways. 

First of all, the packaging – it comes in a  tube just like you would find a lip gloss. As many of you may know, it’s harddd to cut the crease. This brush ISN’T the answer to all of your cut crease problems but it does make it easier.

When I first tried this a few weeks ago, I was not keen. The shadow seemed weak and I was still having to use a shimmer eyeshadow to make this work. 

Fast forwards a few weeks, I have had a bit more time to play with it. You need to layer the product to get the desired effect. You hsve to work quickly to blend this with your powder shadow, before it fully dries as otherwise it creases and you’re left eith a line (note my left eye!) and an impossible task of blending through the crease but you never quite get the blend! 

I was SOOOO pleased with this look and I have noted below the products I have used. 

The other products I used are:
Make Up Revolution Fix and Focus Eyebrow Palette, Pro Fix Setting Spray, Flawless 3 Resurrection, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Bella Bamba and Dandelion blisters, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker and Loreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara.

I have started to do live make up video on my Instagram as a practice run for when I start to record YouTube videos. I’d appreciate the support – it’s @curvygirlscorner on Instagram too. 




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