Make Up Revolution Unicorns Unite Palette 

Bonjour Readers! 🙂

I have had this palette for a while but haven’t used it all that much. At £6 or £4 (can’t remember!) this is an ABSOLUTE steal! This palette can be found at Superdrug or on the TAM beauty website. 

On the picture below, it’s the second palette eith lots of pinks and shimmers. 


  • It is extraordinarily cheap and you get 18 shades in total- 12 shimmer and 6 matte shades. 
  • You will actually look like a unicorn because the shade range is magical haha 😂
  • The pigmentation is half decent for the price of the products. 
  • The shade variation means that you can create SOOOO many looks. 
  • They are so easy to blend. 


  •  The shimmer shades are not as pigmented as you might like – I have used these shades wet which is better and they create a foiled effect. 
  • There is some fallout from the shades because they are quite powdery but to be honest, this can be fixed. Just brush it away. 

Have a look at the look I created today 🙂 

Just a simple day to day look 🙂 If you have any questions about the other products used, drop me a line! 

Thanks for reading! Next post will be an Essence Cosmetics Haul! 

Kat xx

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