Soap and Glory Archery Duo Eyebrow Pencil

Good evening readers! 

What is the one feature on your face that you feel always needs to be perfect? In my opinion, it is eyebrows. They frame the most important part of your face and I always feel a little better when they are looking good! I am forever trying to find the best eyebrow product to suit my needs.

There are a few ways you can go with eyebrow products:

  • Powders – these usually come in a little palette with waxy products. You use a little slanted brush to apply.
  • Pomade – I find these trickier to apply. They are generally in a pot, much like a gel eyeliner and you would also use a slanted brush for these.
  • Pencils – This is my weapon of choice! There are so many different types. Some soft, some hard and some which give the illusion of the most beautiful natural hair strokes.

With that in mind, let me introduce my newest purchase – Soap and Glory Archery Pencil. Please note that the images are from a Google search and do not belong to me (except the one of my eyebrows!)


It is duel ended as the one above – except mine doesn’t have the spooley end. It had a hard pencil end and it had a felt tip end. The felt tip end is very small and is described as an ‘eyebrow tint.’ Personally, this is the part it REALLY LIKE about the product and I use it the most. I use it to define the shape of my brows and I do this using small, hair-like strokes. It allows me to create the perfect shape. The pencil side of the stick, in my opinion, is actually useless. It is so hard and it is impossible to create small strokes – I don’t feel that I can use that part and make the eyebrows look natural. The picture below shows my brows as created by the ‘felt tip’ end.

To create the fullness, I used my Make Up Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Palette. Look at that arch though! 😀 So pleased with that.

Does this eyebrow product perform well? Mostly.

Is it worth the £10 I paid for it? Probably not. The search for the VERY BEST eyebrow product continues. I appreciate any suggestions for new products to try.


Kat xx

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