Loreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

OK. When at first you don’t succeed, try again! 

When I first tried this mascara, I was not enamoured at all! I bought it on account of lots of my favourite YouTubers raving about it and I felt as though maybe it was just me and my dodgy eyelashes. Honestly, they are horrid! They don’t curl, they kust go straight forward.

On first view, this mascara means reminded me a little of the Benefit Rollerlash mascara wand, which I love so my expectations for this were high. Initially, I was disappointed to find it put WAY too much product on my lashes. Due to this, I reverted back to my favourite Kiko mascara. 

Still, every time I looked at it I just thought it was such a waste of money so I persevered…and boy was I glad that I did! 

It’s a beautiful mascara that, when applied lightly, is buildable to a point and gives lashes the curve and volume it promises. 

I say buildable to a point as it began to clump as I applied coat number 3. I cannot express the relief I felt when it worked… my trusty YouTube people had not steered me wrong 😂

So for the moment, this is the mascara of choice although I am intending to get lash extensions or a lash lift soon. I will, of course, review that process when it happens. 

Happy Reading!

Kat xx

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