MUA Matte Black Eyeliner

Hi! Apologies for the delay in posting. I was due to post about a face and hair mask combo but unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction  (not to them!) Which has delayed everything somewhat.

Anyway, I’m always on the quest for a fantastic liquid liner so today, a brief visit to town ended in the inevitable purchase of this:

What’s odd about this one is that it looks massive but the nib is literally the whole of the left hand part of the product with this tiny bit of liner on the right (where the wavy lines start.) 

 It’s easy enough to hold as the nib is completely solid, so it’s not like a flexible brush. I scraped the brush as I’m use to using a product where the brush holds too much product. I needn’t have worried! It had the opposite effect so it impacted how easily the product glided on. This is something I fixed before doing my second eye. 

NB: That’s hair colouring on my t-shirt, it’s not mucky! 

It was super easy to get the flicks even due to the sturdiness of the brush. My only criticism is that I would like it to be a little easier to glide on but you can’t have everything! It easily works over matte and shimmer shadows and it is fast drying too. For £2, you definitely can’t go wrong! 

Have I found my new favourite eyeliner? Too soon to tell but watch this space!


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