W7 Mega Matte Lippies 


This was an impulse Amazon order and quite honestly, I didnt know what to expect. Having had W7 products before, I was hoping for something half decent. Unfortunately, these are merely mediocre!

They look fairly basic, nothing to write home about. 

I’ve numbered them to correspond with the lip swatches and test shots coming up. 

Firstly, the formula seems super dry, like almost a dry paste. This means that it doesn’t go on super smoothly and also makes ot difficult to build up. I chose the shades as they seemed fairly natural and they are a nice variation. 

Lets have a look at some shades below.

The one thing I really did notice was that it smells lovely, making it pleasant to apply. In saying that, the coverage is not good enough to blend in nicely with a lip liner. 

Here are the shades on me. What I will say is that the shades appear warmer  on my camera for some reason! 

So yes, my waiting in anticipation of delivery of these has come to a bit of an anti climax. Ill probably use these to wear to work, nothing special. 

In saying that, I paid very little for them. Comments and suggestions as usual please 😀 


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