Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer 

Oh my! When my friend Lindsey asked me to cover more Matte lippies, I was so excited as I love this new matte trend! 

I ordered some dupes for the NYX matte lippies, but since they won’t be here for another few days, I bought this beauty from Superdrug (local drugstore!) 

The packaging is lovely. This retails at £3 so it’s a bargain! I’ll be comparing to the Limecrime velvetines thoughout! 

Firstly, the texture. Thicker than the velvetine and therefore easier to apply. I lined my lips as usual and what is surprising is how easy it is to get a nice, even shape. I then filled my lips in. One coat to get to full opacity compared to 2 for the Salem Velvetine! That could have something to do with the colour though.
Here’s the look I sported today.

Oh and the eyes: 

In terms of qyality, I love this! It’s long lasting, it dries fast and it is transfer proof EXCEPT for when you eat or drink but all you need is a little top up! 

Totally recommended this! Ill be doing a top moisturiser post as well as my NYX dupe post soon! 


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