MUA ‘Undress Your Skin’ Shimmer Highlighter 

Good evening all!

Welcome back to my blog! Tonight im going to review this! 

The black part you can see is the bottom of the pan! 😂 it’s so well used! 

I bought this from Superdrug for the grand old price of sbout £3.50. Could be wrong but definitely cheap. It was the first highlight I ever bought and some might call me a little sentimental! 

The pigmentation is fabtastic for a drugstore product but in saying that, Tam Beauty, who make MUA as well as make up revolution and freedom cosmetics, make incredible products at fantastic prices. BTW I’m not advertising for them. Just my opinion. 

I didnt swatch this on my hand, thought I’d let my face do the talking! 

Look at the glow! This photo is after a day at work as well! 🙂 I topped up at lunchtime but I think priming my face well and using a setting spray had helped with the longevity. 

Pop into Superdrug ❤ they sell a few different shades including a lovely golden tone! 


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