W7 Absolute Lashes 

Hi guys!

I’d battled for a few weeks to decide on whether on not I would review this. In all honesty, my first impressions of this product were not good. In saying that, this product was ridiculously cheap! I got mine from Amazon as online beauty bloggers had suggested that this product is a good dupe for the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. Have a look at the packaging and see for yourself. 

You can certainly see some similarities! The similarities do not end there though! Take a look at the wand.

The first few times I used this, i thought it was pants, to be polite about it! After numerous uses, I like it much more but there is a disclaimer to this. The mascara is no better than it was the first time. The thing that has changed is my patience level. To get a look i was happy with, I needed a few coats of this. It clumps more than the Benefit counterpart too. But if you are patient, the end results are strikingly similar. There is such a massive difference in price but if you are on a budget and you have time to mess about, this is a good punt. Here is how it looked on me today: 

If youre intetested in how i got the look, check out my instagram @biggirlblogs or drop me a comment! 


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