Essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen 

Straight to the point. I HATE IT. Strong words? You might think so but I hate wasting money and although this is drugstore make up and it is cheap, I expect it to be a little decent. Maybe this impression comes from the fact I have used the Poundland  £1 liquid eyeliner for years as it’s soooooo good and so paying 300% more for this, I would expect it to be better. Anyways, the photos below show the presentation of the products.  It has a thick nib and a thin nib. 

Thick Nib 

Thin Nib 

Let’s start by saying I think I might actually be having a reaction to this as I swatched it on my hand (see below) and now I’m itching 😣

You may think the thin one looks similar to the thick one- problem number 1 right there.  It came out so fast it was difficult to control. Getting the swatches to look opaque took some doing as well. Too much work when my hand is shaking trying to apply this to my eyes! 

This is the eye I did using the thin side 

That was LITERALLY as good as I could get it and I’m usually pretty good at getting my eyeliner just right

This is the thick eye side. 

Bloody awful. How you would use the thick side at all, I just have no idea! 

So yes, this has just been a nightmare from start to finish. I would love to know what you always use so I can look for something else or go back to my trusty Poundland eyeliner! (Also, not the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ – had it before.  What a waste of  £18!) 


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