W7 Glowcomotion 😍

As a northerner, it’s probably fair to say I’m a bit tight with my money! 😂 so imagine my delight when I find a good dupe for a high end product.  

Enter W7. As a brand, they’ve been  around for some time but I’d just disregarded them as a cheap and nasty brand! Naughty me… 

I have wanted a specific highlight for ages- The Balm Mary-Loumanizer. In my local Debenhams it’s about £15 and I just can’t afford that for one product at the moment. 

W7’s Glowcomotion is an awfully good dupe! First of all, take a look at the pan size.  

It glides onto skin beautifully and it does provide a lovely golden glow with just one layer HOWEVER it is buildable and if you are after something  more intense, you can use this!  

I haven’t been this excited for absolutely ages about a product! It has replaced my MUA pink champagne highlight! 

Excuse the picture, it was taken at 6.45am today! Just to show the effects and also it’s never to early to glow! #soobsessed 🙄

Comments and suggestions for reviews and tutorials welcomed below! 


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