Technic Electric Palatte

So, I saw that Sophdoesnails from youtube used this in one of her videos and I just had to have it. It was simply surprisingly cheap considering the number of shadows you get.

12 fantastic shades! All do what they say on the tin! I swatched all the colours as soon as I got them! As dry shadows, the pigmentation is just OK. The colors are lovely though and as dry colours, they are buildable and easy to blend. Here is a look I sported for a family occasion. Excuse the face! I was pulling faces with my niece! 

This look is a combination of shades 2 and 3 from the bottom row. 

However, wearing these wet is a GAME . CHANGER! seriously, using a damp eye brush makes all the difference and turns these into truly bright colours! I wish I had swatched them for this post but I can add it in later if needs be. 

I highly suggest you have a look at Sophdoesnails on YouTube. I love watching her videos and I have basically ordered lots of the things she has suggested and I have not been disappointed! 


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