Limecrime Salem Velvetines 

My first high end liquid to matte liquid and I was more surprised than anything! These are totally not what you expect at all.  

For starters, the formula! I don’t know why but I was totally expecting a gloss. When I got a seemingly watery brown liquid, I was less than impressed! This is why you should always try before you judge! 

As I hovered the wand near my lips, the first thing that strikes me is the fragrance.  It’s extremely buttery/toffee flavoured maybe?! I can’t describe it but it is lovely.  

So then with the application. Salem is always dark shade so it’s quite tricky really, one mistake and we are screwed! I always ways start lining my lips with this product tracing over my lips liner, this way I know I have a good shape to begin with.  When I’m happy, I fill the rest in with colour.

Pigmentation wise- it is highly pigmented but given one layer, it’s not completely opaque. It DOES need a second coat, in my experience! 

It dries incredibly fast to be honest a day you are left with are matte lipstick that barely budges. 

Here my little boomerang video shows its kiss proof and transfer proof bit it does move a little after eating and drinking. A top up coat will fix that! 🙂 

Overall I’m super hyped with this product! I’ll certainly  be trying more Limecrime products. 

I buy mine in the UK from Beauty Bay but I believe Cult Beauty also stock this! 

Any shares, comments and suggestions are welcomed! 

Speak soon!


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