Benefit Cosmetics ‘B.Right on Girl’ first impressions/review 

So this is actually more of a review than a first impressions as I have actually used most of the products in the pack before. Most of my cosmetics are Benefit so there are few products I haven’t tried. Apologies, I was going to do this as a vlog but as I’m still ill, all I did during filming was cough and swear.  

Let’s start with a look at the packaging! So funky, unique and attractive.  Something which Benefit gets right 100%. Their brand offers a diversity rarely seen in the beauty hall. I am so happy with the tin it comes in, as it will house my brushes for the next few weeks. 

Then to look inside…

The only full sized product is the total moisture cream. There are lots of wonderful things about this cream! 

  1. It smells divine!
  2. It’s thick and you only need a little- it goes a long way. 
  3. It’s an ideal base for your make up.  

In saying the, the whole kit aims to make your face perfect for adding make up to. The moisturiser is one of the best ones I have used a day I found that it targets my very dry bits near my nose without me having to plonk loads of it on my face. 

You also get the ‘firm it up’ eye serum and the ‘instant comeback’ facial serum as minis. Honestly I can’t really comment on the eye serum at the moment as just haven’t noticed it make an impact but then again I have super bags under my eyes from being ill. 

The ‘instant comeback’ serum is like heaven in a vial! My skin feels absolutely gorgeous after applying this. Typically, I find that I break out around my chin if I wear make up every day consecutively for 2 or 3 days (and I generally don’t wear a lot of make up when I’m working.) After using the serum, I haven’t had a break out. 

The porefessional!!

I have used this for an awfully long time and I am yet to find a primer/pore corrector that works as beautifully. A classic product.

All in all, mum and dad, you did an excellent job of gifting! This set is perfect for skin lovers everywhere and it’s just such a shame it was a Christmas set! 

You MIGHT find it in your local House of Fraser or Debenhams, if it’s still available!


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