13 Before 30!

Hi again,

You’re probably thinking to yourself, not another post where someone says how the new year will change them and how they will make new years resolutions. I don’t make resolutions to be honest. My birthday is new years day and the celebrations can often extend into the month. 

This post was inspired by another blog that I follow who made a list of 30 things they would like to do before 30. Luckily, they had 5 years ro complete their list. I do not. I have one whole year as I’m 29 this time. 

So here are 13 things I’d like to try/achieve before I turn 30:

  1. Learn to swim- oh my, I find this embarrassing but I can’t swim.  I say it every year but this time I will do it! 
  2. Cover up a rubbish tattoo- I have a star on my back/shoulder area. I need to get that sorted ge fire I’m 30. 
  3. Drink more water- easily done? Nope! Well not for me anyway as I don’t like water 😣 I will definitely make more of an effort! 
  4. Think more carefully about the company I keep- that’s right. I’ve learnt over the years that you can’t always trust everyone. 
  5. Plan meals- hubby and I are often like ships that pass in the night. Planning meals means we can both eat well and not skip meals as “there’s no point making for one of us.” 
  6. Treat myself to the handbag I’ve wanted for ages- I’ve been saying I’d like a certain bag for a while.  It’s by Lulu Guinness and it’s around  £250. When I get it depends on my weight loss goals being achieved but that’s a story for another post. 
  7. Go back to volunteering- I used to volunteer a lot but when I became a teacher I found that I just didn’t have the time to help. Before I’m 30, I’d love to do some more volunteering.  
  8. Run 5k or 10k- I can’t run. I generally end up with black eyes when I try but I think this is the time to try and achieve it. 
  9. Go back to cycling more- I used to cycle everywhere and then I passed the driving test and that just went by the wayside. I’d love to do it again.  
  10. Sing more- I used to sing all the time.  I was half decent but lack of practice and then smoking after that mean my voice is not what it was. Time to change that this year. Maybe I could join a choir. Watch this space.  
  11. Keep up to this blog! 😂😂 
  12. Further my education- whether that means doing my masters or something else I would love to continue my studies 🙂 
  13. Pick up the sax and learn all over again. I was going to play the saxophone at work and I practiced hard and realised I could definitely get back to where I was with it! 

Wow, so lots of things to work on this year! I’d love to hear from you and share the kind of things you’re working on.


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