The Nail Painting Nuisance! 

Oh my days! One of those things I just despise is painting my toenails or putting on strappy shoes.  Boobs and tummy just get right in the way! I thought I had come up with a solution.  I called on the services of the HUSBAND. 
Luckily it was just a glittery topcoat but my word, he got it everywhere! Every time the cold, moist brush touched a toe I flinched with laughter as it tickled so much! 

I’ve taken the picture off as he complained about it! 

So by the end, I thought how badly could this have gone wrong? It’s only a topcoat after all! 

End result: 

A very glittery 3rd toe! Oh well… until they make some kind of contraption to help me reach or I lose a tyre 😂 this is what I’ll have to deal with! Thanks for doing them baby! 😉 love you really! Xxxx

Always after hearing your funny stories too! Let me know your experiences in the comments section! 

P.S. As a Christmas present, I’d be grateful if you’d share the link to the blog. My first beauty post and giveaway is coming soon! 

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