The Christmas Party Conundrum! 

So, regardless of size, the search for the perfect Christmas party outfit is something most women and some men face annually. Some women start searching for that ideal outfit in September, but if like me, your work schedule doesn’t allow for anything other than eating, sleeping, working and repeating then it’s a last minute decision.  Something which is certainly much harder if you’re a curvier lady! 

There are all those extraneous factors to take into account! Will my outfit allow me extra room after that meal? Will it go see through in the party lights? Can you see my stretch marks/cellulite/bit of questions tum? It is a nightmare! 

This is where online shopping had become a godsend! I walked around my town and found there was nothing for someone of my size. For those wondering, I’m a 16 but have huge boobs so I sometimes have to go bigger to compensate. Sizes in ‘trendy’ shops are blatantly on the small side. 

I ordered a dress for the Boohoo Curve range and they cater for ladies up to size 24. 😍

The range of styles is a little less limited than the main range but it’s clear Boohoo have considered some of the things that we think about too. In saying that, I have always found Boohoo styles to be extremely short and I have treetrunk thighs so that doesn’t work for me. I decided not to wear the Boohoo dress as it wasn’t appropriate really due to the job that I do but I found another beautiful dress from Matalan of all places! 

My top tips for Christmas dress shopping:

  • Think about those features you want to accentuate and order a variety of dresses to see what suits you best. You can always return them unworn. 
  • Order in a good amount of time. 
  • Check out Boohoo and ASOS curve ranges to find the latest on trend styles. 

If there are any retailers you use, I’d love to know and feature it in my next blog or vlog post. 


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